"Easily find and listen to all music available in Apple Music, requires a Apple Music subscription to listen to full songs"

LMSNETWORK Music (LMSNM for short) is a music service that contains every single music track/album/artist/podcast from Apple Music.

You can search for your favourite tracks and artists and either preview or listen to music based on your Apple Music subscription level.

LMSNM's main categorys are; Tracks; Artists; Albums; Genres; Top40; Remixes; Club Music; TV Music; Game Music; and across all these broad categorys we provide a music experience that is not just easy to find music but to discover music.

You can create an account that will also unlock more features such as creating playlists/favourites, letting LMSNM build knowledge about your favourite tunes and letting you know which tracks may appeal to you, finding your favourite artists (and learning about them), keep tabs on the Top 40 chart (whichever country you are from) and much more!

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